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A hydraulic trolley is a universal unit of warehouse equipment for transporting pallets of goods to. It is suitable for both small and medium-sized warehouses on large trolleys with a load capacity of 5 tons. The operating principle of the equipment is based on the operation of a hydraulic drive. There are 4 main components […]


When choosing a forklift, you need to take into account many factors: will it travel outside the warehouse onto the street, is it acceptable to “stain the floors” with tires containing soot, is there room for the operator to “turn around”, what is the distance between the racks, what is the height of the ceiling […]


An electric stacker is a type of warehouse equipment designed to move and store goods on pallets. Electric stackers allow you to lift and lower loads to different heights, as well as move them around the warehouse. This technique is an effective and safe tool for working with heavy and bulky goods. What is an […]


Keeping your warehouse running efficiently and smoothly requires ancillary equipment that simplifies and speeds up processes. In addition, it makes it possible to increase the productivity of personnel, to properly use every centimeter of space, which is especially important if it is limited. The technique allows to reduce the participation of personnel in production processes, […]

Tisel Technics

Today, Tisel Technics is a powerful industrial company with its own research and design bureau, testing ground and modern production facilities, developed warehouse and logistics infrastructure.

Li-ION Technology by Tisel Technics

Our warehouse technology is based on the unique patented technology of Tisel Technics Li-ION Inside. Thanks to which your equipment will work up to 35% more efficiently than usual. And also save money on electricity and does not emit harmful substances at all.