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Trade-In of warehouse equipment Any construction organization periodically has to update equipment and replace outdated equipment with modern and more efficient analogues. TiselTechnics offers customers to resolve this issue using a modern trade-in system. General information about Trade-In The term “trade-in” comes from the English expression “trade in”, which means “to give away an old […]


Introduction New Year is one of the most significant holidays in Russia, and many companies organize corporate parties to celebrate the success of the outgoing year and maintain team spirit. However, holding such events requires adherence to certain rules of corporate ethics in order to maintain positive working relationships and ensure productive work after the […]


The purchase of floor washing equipment is absolutely justified where large areas need to be kept clean and cleaning must be done promptly. It is only important to understand the range of scrubber dryers in order to make an economically intelligent choice. Scrubber drying equipment is a modern high-tech assistant to guard cleanliness. The use […]


Today I will touch on a topical and nuanced topic dedicated to the choice of batteries for forklifts. Those who are “in the know” know well that a well-chosen traction battery can ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment, which in turn allows not only to ensure uninterrupted operation of loading and unloading operations, but also to […]

Tisel Technics

Today, Tisel Technics is a powerful industrial company with its own research and design bureau, testing ground and modern production facilities, developed warehouse and logistics infrastructure.

Li-ION Technology by Tisel Technics

Our warehouse technology is based on the unique patented technology of Tisel Technics Li-ION Inside. Thanks to which your equipment will work up to 35% more efficiently than usual. And also save money on electricity and does not emit harmful substances at all.