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Time frame limitation In the second article on the topic of solving problems related to the introduction of innovative approaches, we will talk about time constraints. So, one of the very useful tools is the deadline. People feel the passage of time much more instinctively than spending money from the company’s budget. The main thing […]

New ways At Tisel Technics, we understand and welcome free creativity, but at the same time we understand that the most innovative ideas are born in conditions of limitations. Project managers usually place two types of constraints on innovation teams: budget and risk. Such prohibitions often lead to unintended negative consequences, reducing innovations to tried […]


Search for new growth points of the company In our understanding, among the factors of the company’s sustainable growth, one of the main ones is the creation of a culture of constant innovation. What is it? – It is an incentive for business to make sure that the corporate culture really encourages innovative behavior and […]


In this article, we want to talk about the most important innovative concepts and theories that companies should know about and be sure to use if they are striving for success. So, many entrepreneurs say that innovation is important, and that they value the ideas of their employees. And in fact, creativity is becoming a […]

Tisel Technics

Today, Tisel Technics is a powerful industrial company with its own research and design bureau, testing ground and modern production facilities, developed warehouse and logistics infrastructure.

Li-ION Technology by Tisel Technics

Our warehouse technology is based on the unique patented technology of Tisel Technics Li-ION Inside. Thanks to which your equipment will work up to 35% more efficiently than usual. And also save money on electricity and does not emit harmful substances at all.