Electric lift stackers
SES 115

speeds up the work 10 times

Electric lift stackers Tisel Technics SES 115

ParameterSES 115
Battery voltage/nominal capacity, V/Ah12v / 150Ah
Lift height (h3) mm3500
Load capacity (Q) kg1500
Fork length (L) mm1150
Overall length (L1) mm1580
Overall width (B1/B2) mm777
AST (800×1200) mm2212

electric lift stacker ses115

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DESCRIPTION OF THE TISEL SES 115 MANUAL Electric lift stackers

For which warehouses is it intended?

The manual Electric lift stackers of the SES 115 series is ideal for small warehouses where it is not required to move a lot around the warehouse, because this stacker must be moved manually. If you need a Electric lift stackers, we recommend visiting the appropriate section.

What kind of cargo is it designed for?

Electric lift stackers of the SES 115 series are ideal for simple loads weighing up to 1500kg with typical Euro pallets. This Electric lift stackers is equipped with an electric lift, which will save you a lot of time and effort. But for strong-minded people, we have a fully manual stacker without electrics.