Warehouse self-propelled stackers

Keeping your warehouse running efficiently and smoothly requires ancillary equipment that simplifies and speeds up processes. In addition, it makes it possible to increase the productivity of personnel, to properly use every centimeter of space, which is especially important if it is limited. The technique allows to reduce the participation of personnel in production processes, thereby reducing the human factor, increasing safety, and ensuring the proper storage of goods.

Especially popular is the electric stacker, which moves, lifts the load, and also stacks it in several tiers.

The technique belongs to the category of high-performance and is used at large facilities.

Self-propelled stackers: the secret of the popularity of equipment

According to their characteristics, as well as their appearance, they have something in common with manual models. The main difference lies in the electric drive – it drives the forks, lowering and raising them. This point allows you to reduce the load on the operator, affect the acceleration of work with the load. Self-propelled stackers fell in love due to the fact that they are light and unpretentious in maintenance, they are characterized by mobility. Devices are used not only in warehouses, but also in production shops, on construction sites. Suitable for lifting, moving bulky boxes, as well as proper storage.

An important advantage of stackers is that they lift goods by several meters, their maximum load capacity is 3 tons. Universal equipment is considered to be one that is designed to lift loads up to 1500 kg. Stackers are used in stores that sell building materials, as well as products, work in the field of logistics.

Stacker Benefits

Among the main ones are:

*Solves numerous problems. This technique is considered universal, due to which it can be used not only as a loader, but also as warehouse equipment. The device quickly moves around the room and performs its functions. The speed of movement is affected by which model you have chosen, as well as power.

*Save resources. Self-propelled devices do not require fuel, and therefore do not emit harmful, potentially hazardous substances into the atmosphere. The motors of the devices are environmentally friendly, do not require regular maintenance, do not spend a lot of electricity during recharging.

*Maneuvers. They can go around corners, move on a given path and are much faster than manual loaders. The ideal solution for working in small, narrow spaces, limited space.

*Quality work. Using hydraulic stackers to solve problems increases the possibility of injury due to ignorance of technological processes. Self-propelled stackers make everyday tasks much easier. In order to use the device, you need to go through a small briefing.