Hand pallet trucks
TW 10-15

with scissor lift to achieve high goals

Hand pallet trucks Tisel Technics TW 10-15

Lift height (h3) mm800800
Load capacity (Q) kg10001500
Fork length (L) mm11501150
Fork width (E) mm580580
Type of wheelsPU/PUPU/PU
Battery voltage/nominal capacity, V/Ah12/52
Lift height (h3) mm800
Load capacity (Q) kg1000
Fork length (L) mm1150
Fork width (E) mm580
Type of wheelsPU/PU

hand pallet truck series t

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Description of Hand Pallet Trucks TW 10-15

Which warehouses are intended for?

The Tisel T series Hand Pallet Trucks are ideal for most warehouses. They are reliable and of high quality. With proper use and timely maintenance, they will serve you for more than 4 years. These Hand Pallet Trucks are designed for ordinary warehouses with flat floors and non-aggressive environment. For use in warehouses with aggressive environments, it is necessary to use galvanic or stainless steel Hand Pallet Trucks.

What kind of cargo is it designed for?

Hand Pallet Trucks of the T series are designed for loads of 1000 and 1500 kg, respectively, and for the use of standard Euro pallets.