Lift Truck Tisel Technics FB 115-135 R

ParameterFB 115RFB 120RFB 125RFB 130RFB 135R
Battery voltage/nominal capacity, V/Ah80/12080/20080/20080/27080/270
Lift height (h3) mm70007000700070007000
Load capacity (Q) kg15002000250030003500
Fork length (L) mm9201070107010701070
Overall length (L1) mm31253430343036603660
Overall width (B1/B2) mm11201260126012401240
AST (800×1200) mm38553994399342574257

electric lift truck fb 115-135r

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DESCRIPTION OF THE Lift Truck FB 115-135 R

For which warehouses is it intended?

Lift Truck FB 115-135 R are ideal for small warehouses where it is not required to go outside and lift cargo above 7 m, because it is designed for warehouses with high intensity.

What kind of cargo is it designed for?

Lift Truck FB 115-135 R are ideal for simple loads weighing up to 3500 kg with typical Euro pallets.